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Installing Satellite Internet Service at Your Location

Live or work in a rural spot, and looking for a way to connect to state-of-the-art technology?

Welcome to the world of satellite internet service!

This service was created to help the more than 119 million Americans who don’t have access to a traditional broadband provider.  In most cases, you have to be within 18,000 feet of a DSL provider’s facility in order to take advantage of their services.  So, without satellite internet service, you’d be stuck with dial-up!

Luckily, satellite internet service bears no resemblance to a dial-up connection.  It’s as fast as some of the lower-end DSL services (count on being able to get up to about 15 Mbps download speed).  And, it comes with a variety of bandwidth options for you to choose from (just like cable and DSL).  Best of all, though, you don’t have to worry about other customers slowing you down, like you do with other connections.  The satellite dish is yours, period.

Does it really come with a dish?

Absolutely!  In fact, it comes with three different dishes!

One will be installed right outside of your home or office.  Another will be installed outside of your internet provider’s facility.  And the third will be orbiting up in space.  Anytime you want to log onto the internet, a signal will come out of your provider’s dish, go up into space, and be beamed back down into your personal dish – and all of this will be done in less than a second.

The dish outside of your home has to be installed very carefully.  First, it has to be pointed south so that it can catch the signal from the orbiting satellite.  Second, it has to be installed without any branches, trees, or anything else in the way, so that nothing gets in the way of your signal.

Like satellite TV, satellite internet service can go out during rough weather.  However, it’s a low risk, and one that’s definitely worth it if you don’t have access to cable or DSL!

So, is this the right choice for you?

That depends on how you can adapt to the dish installation requirements.  If it would be absolutely impossible for you to install a dish without anything getting in the way, satellite internet service may not be right for you.  However, if you live or work in a place that can’t access high-speed internet any other way, satellite internet service is well worth putting up with a few installation challenges!


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